10 Most Desired USA Government Scholarships 2022/23

There are thousands of scholarships out there and among them, the USA government scholarships are some of the most coveted ones. I mean what’s not to love about free money, right? You must be asking yourself whether it’s possible to get one and if yes, how? Here are some tips that will help you acquire some of the most desired government scholarships from USA in 2022/23

1) CCC GIS Scholarship

The Community College Consortium on Geographic Information Science is inviting applications for a scholarship. This award will provide funding opportunities to cover tuition and fees for one year of undergraduate studies in GIS or a related field at an accredited two-year college or university. To be eligible for consideration, you must be planning to enroll full-time as an undergraduate student at an accredited institution of higher education, pursuing studies in fields such as computer science, technology, or geography.

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2) AUSA Army ROTC Military College Scholarship

This scholarship is for both college and university students. To be eligible, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, plan to enroll in an Army ROTC program at one of 300 participating colleges and universities, commit to serving at least four years of active duty as a commissioned officer in any military branch after completing your education, and demonstrate financial need. You must also be nominated by an Army ROTC staff member. The deadline is May 30th.

3) Dean’s List Full Tuition Scholarship

To be eligible for a Dean’s List Full Tuition Scholarship, you must have completed your first semester at UNF with at least a 3.5 GPA. You must also have applied and been accepted to a full-time degree program for Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 and must enroll in courses that are required by your major.

You must be a new incoming freshman, meaning you have not been enrolled at any college or university before your first semester at UNF. Applicants must submit all required documents by August 1st of their senior year in high school and they must also demonstrate an SAT score of 1500 (or an ACT composite score of 23).

4) Michigan Higher Education Trust (MHET) Trust Matching Grant Program

Michigan Higher Education Trust (MHET) Trust Matching Grant Program is a need-based grant that provides tuition assistance to Michigan residents who are attending an approved postsecondary educational institution. MHET was established in 2005 and began accepting applications for its first grants in 2006. Applicants must be Michigan residents and demonstrate financial need, as determined by their FAFSA results. Students may apply for up to four years of funding.

5) National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG) Fellowships

The National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program (NDSEG) provides funding for graduate students to pursue masters or doctoral degrees in STEM fields at universities around the country. These fellowships are awarded annually on a competitive basis, and typically range from $12,000 to $20,000 per year. Fellows may receive additional support through a teaching assistantship, research assistantship or non-resident supplemental pay.

6) National Institutes of Health Medical Research Fellowships

The NIH offers these prestigious, highly selective fellowships for U.S. and foreign medical school graduates and graduates of other health professional schools to conduct biomedical research in laboratories of their choice, often leading to a Ph.D., M.D./Ph.D., or M.D.. The goal is to prepare future leaders in biomedical research and expand scientific knowledge at universities and research institutions across the United States.

7) US State Department Critical Language Scholarship Program in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian

The US State Department is offering scholarships for high school, undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying critical need languages abroad. You must demonstrate an interest in a career with a foreign service career. Award: Full tuition plus $7,000 living stipend to cover expenses for one academic year. Deadline: April 30th (2022). In addition, part of your course load can be taken online through many universities that offer these language courses.

8) US State Department Critical Language Scholarship Program in Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Swahili, Vietnamese and Turkish

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program provides grants to American students who are at least high school seniors, undergraduate or graduate students of exceptional promise and ability to study modern foreign languages in critical need, including those which are less commonly taught and considered strategic for U.S. national security and economic interests. CLS scholarships offer intensive language training abroad for periods of 4-5 months or a full academic year.

9) US State Department Foreign Service Officer Programs

These federal scholarship programs, which fall under State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), offer three, four, or five years of financial support for current college students who want to serve in Foreign Service Officer (FSO) positions. To be eligible for these scholarships, students must be nominated by their school then submit an application with a resume, transcript and letters of recommendation. In all cases, applicants must have at least a 3.4 GPA.

10) USC EAP Undergraduate Student Support Fund

This scholarship provides full tuition and university fees for 12 months to students with financial need. Students with a family income below $80,000 are eligible for full funding, while students from families making above $80,000 may receive partial funding. The application process is highly competitive – only 80 new scholarships are awarded each year.

How to get scholarship in USA

Scholarship in USA is a dream of every student because it helps you to complete your education easily and it can be done through a lot of ways. In order to get scholarship in USA, you need to send some documents for approval. You should start your application as soon as possible after confirming your eligibility and availability of required documents. There are many ways through which you can apply for any scholarship. If you want to earn scholarship in USA, then follow these steps

Can international student get scholarship in USA

If you want to study in United States of America but are concerned about how to fund your education, don’t worry. The US government offers scholarships for international students as well. To study in United States you need a student visa or F1 visa, which is issued by a US consulate or embassy abroad when an applicant is accepted at an American school.


The U.S. government is well known for its generous scholarship programs, some of which offer full tuition or study abroad support and a living stipend to qualified applicants. If you want to study in America, then check out these 10 most desired USA government scholarships for international students in 2019-2022/2023.

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