Top High In-demand Low Capital Business Ideas In Nigeria

Nigeria the largest economy and most populous country in Africa is blessed with an abundance of resources. There are over 100 High In-demand Low Capital Business to start In Nigeria yes in this post, we are going to disclose to you the best business you can start immediately and make a huge profit. Recruitment | FRSC 2022 Recruitment Application Portal.

Idea is the first key to a successful business. It’s a concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually centered on a product or service that can be offered for money.

When new ideas are implemented in a business, it keeps it ever green Without ideas, progress isn’t made. This article is created to people that wants to put their ideas into action seeking for what to sell to make money in Nigeria.

Top 10 High In-demand Low Capital Business Ideas

Whether you are a student who have decided to venture into a business during holidays and strikes, or an individual seeking passive income, now is the best time. Grab any of the High In-demand Low Capital Business Ideas below.

1. Freelance Content Development/Ghost Writing

To be freelancer is to work on different jobs or for short periods of time, without being a permanent employee. That sounds good yes as a freelance content developer you can work with different establishment as a writer.

On average, an experienced freelance/ghostwriter can make $20,000 per project and well over $50,000 if the client is a celebrity. Beginning freelance/ghostwriter/ghostwriters average around $1000. Depending on the topic and length of the book.

According to Mr Anietie a Nigerian Freelancer who share his story via social media said “You know, I’ve always doubted myself for some reason. Didn’t believe I was good enough, at least to be paid for a freelancing gig. So I had this client that offered to pay 50 dollars for a job. He was the third client I had within three weeks of joining the freelancing business. After receiving my proposal, he decided to give me the job, told me all I needed to know to do it perfectly.

The offer was closed, but guess what?
He opened it up for me and made it my first private job ever (like the kind of job only I get to see on the platform).

I started freelancing an in less than a week I’ve realized over 200 dollars so far. More than what I get from a 30-day full-time job in Nigeria.

You can develop content at your own convenience, whenever you’re free. And you’ll be getting paid, either daily, monthly or weekly.

2. Pos/Call Card Business

The Point of Sale (POS) business is all about dispensing cash to individuals after withdrawing it from their bank accounts. This business is very profitable in Nigeria. This is partly due to the lack of access to banks within rural communities and remote settlements.

With as low as $200 you can start the pos business of which you can render the call card service through the post terminal.

How To Start POS Business In Nigeria

  1. Have An Existing Business – To be eligible, you must have an existing business in operation have a shop or office from which you operate.
  2. Approach A Bank – Visit your Bank to apply as an agent before you do that, below are the requested documents needed:
  • Valid means of identification e.g Driver’s license, National ID card, International passport or voter’s card.
  • BVN
  • 2 passport photographs
  • 2 current account references
  • Evidence of business registration (CAC Certificate)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Memorandum and Article of Association.
  • Credit Bureau Report
  • A minimum working capital of $100

3. Dry Cleaning Business

Dry cleaning also known as Laundry business is very profitable in Nigeria. The business involves the washing, drying and ironing of clothes and other textile materials for individuals or companies.

Before venturing into the dry cleaning business have a very good business plan, Decide what kind of laundry business you want to start.

Laundry business is one of the simplest business It’s all about being in a strategic location, having all machines working, good and friendly staff, keeping customers happy, and managing the books well are the key to be successful in the laundry business.

Dry cleaning business is very lucrative because people will always patronize you. Follow the Process be to begin your dry cleaning journey:

  • Identification and Inspection.
  • Spotting and stain removal.
  • Sorting
  • Drycleaning.
  • Drying.
  • Pressing and Finishing.
  • Final inspection and packaging.

4. Egg Supply and Distribution

Egg supply is another High In-demand Low Capital Business that can generate good income in a twinkle on an eye.

The business is all about sourcing and supply of eggs to individuals, supermarkets, hotels, shops and companies. It is not very capital intensive but very rewarding.

5. Car Wash Business

The car wash business is very lucrative as most car owners don’t have the time to wash their cars by themselves. Some of them might not also have gate keeper at home to help them out.

Before going into car washing business Note that they are different types of car washing of which you have to chose the one that’s best for you.

  • Conveyorized Tunnel Car Wash.
  • Full-service Car Wash.
  • Exterior Car Wash.
  • Self-Service Car Wash. …
  • In-Bay Touchless Automatic Car Wash.
  • Brushless Car Wash.
  • Touchless® Car Wash.

The requirements to start a car wash business is the space that can be rented, the source of water supply and the washing machine to be used.

6. Fashion Designer /Tailoring

The Fashion business require skills as you will have to be Keeping up-to-date with current fashion trends to keep their fashion brand relevant.

Once you have acquired this skill, believe me you are hitting the Top.

Fashion Design is amongst the highest-paying industries, offers lucrative job opportunities and is also a creatively fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

7. Mobile Food Business/Food Vendor

This is the process of selling prepared food from some sort of vehicle. It is a feature of urban culture in many countries.

The mobile food business is one of the street food business ideas in nigeria that is very profitable.

Most people especially bachelors do not have enough time to cook at home.

This is when the services of a Mobile food vendor is essential. The mobile food vendor might deliver the food in the office or any chosen location.

8. Small Chops Packaging

Small chop also known As finger foods in Nigeria is a profitable business and it’s high in demand.

You could prepare your small chops, package them very well and sell them at offices and supermarkets.

You can even make supplies at events too if people recommend you where and when it’s needed.

9. Blogging

Want to be your own boss choose blogging. blogging is a wonderful prospect it has become a profitable online profession and people at large start a blog to get into this noble profession.

In blogging you just have to choose a profitable niche and also where your passion lies to be able to sustain the business. See top 10 niche below:

  • Finance Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Marketing Blog
  • Health and Fitness Blog
  • Mom Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Lifestyle Blog
  • DIY Blog
  • Pet Blog

With just need a laptop and a good internet connection you can start a profitable blog with the help of a professional if you need any.

See more Top High In-demand Low Capital Business Ideas in order Countries.

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