The Fund Legal Empowerment Programme 2023 Application Form Portal

The Fund Legal Empowerment Programme 2023. The Fund for Global Human Rights is now accepting submissions for the Legal Empowerment Fund 2023 (LEF), which will give grassroots justice advocates and organizations the urgently required, long-term support they need to fight for people’s understanding of and assertion of their rights while influencing the laws that govern them.

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Legal empowerment combines the law with organizing to provide those who are the victims of injustice more authority. People can access justice when they are able to understand, apply, and influence the law. 

People are better equipped to find peaceful solutions, defend the lands and resources they rely on, and hold their leaders and other injustice-committers accountable when the law is on their side.

The LEF wants to generate $100 million over ten years to support the people-centered justice movement. 

The LEF will provide sustainable, long-term core funding to visionary grassroots justice organizations while providing a platform for experimentation and visibility to a worldwide network of supporters.


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In this round of funding, the LEF aims to assist:

  • Grassroots organizations having restricted access to core funding that is flexible.
  • organizations having experience working in official or informal partnerships with other social justice movements, collectives, and organizations dedicated to legal empowerment.
  • groups that mix legislation and organization to increase community power. They aid those seeking transformative change in understanding, utilizing, and influencing the law.
  • organizations that achieve institutional change beyond individual cases by utilizing legal empowerment tactics. Among many other tactics, legal empowerment techniques include educating people on their legal rights and obligations, assisting them with navigating the legal and administrative systems, and organizing the community to participate in law and policy reform.
  • Organizations that support the movement for legal empowerment, education, and partnerships
  • organizations that can successfully use legal empowerment measures, draw lessons from their experiences, and adjust to new situations.
  • organizations that are capable of expressing their future vision. This could entail taking measures to support or intensify current initiatives or exploring new avenues for legal empowerment activities.



grassroots organizations, whether registered or not, with the capacity to administer awards with no time limit.

Grassroots organizations are those that originate from, are run by, and answer to the people who are most affected by a problem. The group can operate with a formal or unstructured structure, within or outside of movements, and with volunteers or paid employees.


Note: The LEF will evaluate requests for funding ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 per year, for a maximum of two years.



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