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NIRSAL Credit Risk Guarantee (CRG) Agric Business Loan. Through a risk-sharing arrangement in which NIRSAL Plc indemnifies the lender or investor of the Principal and accrued Interest up to the maximum of a pre-agreed CRG rate, the NIRSAL Credit Risk Guarantee (CRG) is a tool created to protect financiers and investors from potential losses in a finance/credit transaction. The NIRSAL CRG’s offer reassures banks and investors, encouraging them to extend credit to the agribusiness.


The NIRSAL CRG protects lenders and actors in all facets of the agricultural value chain from losses during the term of the underlying credit contract for agribusiness loans. It involves credit in the form of term loans, and/or debt instruments such as short, medium and long-term notes, excluding overdrafts except those with a defined tenor ( eg advances).


The NIRSAL CRG also covers the credit risk of default on loan principal and the accrued interest. It is purchased at 1% CRG fee upfront payment) of the loan value and subsequent outstanding balances of the loan annually, including 1% PMRO fee for transactions without a warehousing arrangement.


Benefits of NIRSAL Credit Risk Guarantee (CRG) Agric Business Loan

>> Encourages the flow of finance and investment into agriculture.

>> Ensures the reduction of risk for the investor, financial institution or Counterparty.

>> Aids in fixing broken links in the Agricultural Value Chains (IAVC).

>> Increases lending to Agriculture, thereby enabling the sector to contribute to Nigeria’s GDP and diversify the economy.

>> Facilitates access to Interest Drawback (IDB) support for borrowers.


How To Apply for NMFB Non Interest Loan

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Smallholder Farmers and Farmer Groups – 5 million Naira – 75% of the loan

Cooperatives – 50 million naira – 75% of the loan

Large Scale Primary Producers – 2 billion Naira – 50% of the loan

Mechanization – 50 million Naira – 75% of the loan

Large scale Mechanization – 2 billion Naira – 50% of the loan

Processors – 2 billion Naira – 50% of the loan

Integrated Farms – 2 billion Naira – 30% of the loan

Logistics Providers – 2 billion Naira – 30% of the loan

Agro dealers, Input and Equipment Suppliers – 2 billion – 30% of the loan



STEP 1 – Farmer/Agribusiness applies for a loan from a Commercial Bank and requests for NIRSAL CRG cover.

STEP 2 – Bank approves the loan and sends CRG request and relevant documents to NIRSAL on behalf of the farmer/agribusiness.

STEP 3 – NIRSAL reviews Bank’s request and checks documents for completeness, accuracy and validity.

STEP 4 – If documents are in order, NIRSAL and Bank conduct farm/site visitation and prepare a report which is subjected to NIRSAL’s internal approval process.

STEP 5 – Upon approval by NIRSAL and payment of CRG fee, NIRSAL issues CRG in favour of the Bank on behalf of the farmer/agribusiness.


STEP 6 – Bank disburses the loan to farmer/agribusiness and NIRSAL commences project monitoring through its nationwide Project Monitoring, Reporting & Remediation Offices.


Application process

Interested applicants should visit the CRG Agric Business Loan online application portal to apply.

See Official publication below!!


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