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Are you passionate about shaping the future of agriculture? Do you have groundbreaking ideas that can transform the way we produce, handle and distribute food? Apply now via nigeriacic.org for the Agri-tech startups with tech-driven MVP.


The Challenge aims to identify, develop, and scale innovative solutions to food safety challenges and a healthier food supply chain that can meet the needs of a growing population while also addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change in Nigeria. In addition, the challenge which is a part of GAIN’s Strengthening Nutrition in Priority Staples project provides technical assistance training to women and youth-led start-ups to strengthen their capacity, improve their access to financial services, and develop their business concepts leveraging innovation to improve food supply chain efficiency in Nigeria.



This challenge welcomes solutions or viable products that address FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN challenges with an outcome of achieving food safety and quality as well as healthier diets for all.

• Cold Chain Storage:

• Tech-enabled Food traceability



1. Women and Youths aged 18-35
2. Agri-tech startups with solutions that address any of the challenge areas and solve food supply chain.
3. Agri-tech startups willing to replicate their solutions in Oyo, Ibadan, Benue and Nassarawa

4. Able to weather the intensiveness of the programme by staying committed to the entire duration.
5. Agri-tech startups that are registered businesses with (CAC). steps-for-cac-new-business-name-registration/

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Interested and qualified candidate for “PricewaterhouseCoopers Job Recruitment” should visit www nigeriacic.org /agri-innovation/ or Click here for more information.

Please note that shortlisted applicants will be contacted by email.

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